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19 February 2014

Parenting : Quranic Generation

Seems like I have interest with this topic since my friend doing her research about Quranic Parenting. Of course, this is a sense of woman too. I’ve like to quote Ustazah Norhafizah’s;
“At the end, if we want the generation of Quran, WE, are the first who should love the Quran”
This is the info from muslimmatters.org. I’ve made it shortly.
Memorization before the age of 2:
Children are best equipped to study and retain the Words of Allah beginning at the age of five. Some indirect memorization may start at the age of 2, such as reciting to them every night Ayat al-Kursi. Similarly, any surah can be taught even before they turn four.
Go over the meanings:
Sit with them for an hour a day, every day, and read one page or even less of the Qur’an. Then the translation and the explanation of the verses should be discussed and pondered over.
Difficult ayat:
Some ayat are difficult to understand, even after reading the explanation. This shouldn’t worry a parent, and it is okay to just read the meaning without elaborating.
Books of hadith:
After explaining about Quran, we can begin with a book of hadith, or Prophetic sayings, as well. Specific recommendations are the book Riyadhus Salihin.
A world of imagination:
Reading books about prophet, people in the past and so on to children helps them imagine different worlds because children have a very strong sense of imagination. This helps to instill in their hearts love for Allah as well as, of course, love for the Prophet and his companions.
Challenges around the Age of Seven and Onwards:
If a parent has maintained good communication with his/her children, built a relationship between them and the Qur’an, and kept steadfast with dua to seek the help of Allah, then by Allah’s Mercy the next few years should not be too strenuous. Though, keep in mind that these ages are rough estimates. Every parent, especially mothers, should know her child well enough to understand their level of maturity and judge accordingly.
May Allah bless our niat to have the generation of Quran. AMin.


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