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06 April 2017

Where the story ends..


There’s something amazing I want to share with you about this life or exactly, about “love”.

In the fairy tale, romantic dramas and movies, the story ends with the oneness of two souls; finding and wedding. Everyone around you will make you think that your path ends there, means at the place you meet your other half. Your journey is complete. Congratz!

It is a lie and I’ve been lied too. 

I always wondering is only that the marriage about? Getting to love each other, be romantic, having children etc. Is it just to settle our feeling of emptiness or in love? Or so that we’re not be called “anak dara tua” or “tak laku” or something like that? 

Now that I've learned the lesson, yes, just after some trials (disappointments and heartbreak) in my life. Basically, if we are chasing a feeling; to be loved, we will always be chasing because no feeling is constant. It is inconstant and changing, or berbolak-balik. The more we chase it, the more it will run away from us.

Learning to define love is quite struggling for me. I finally found that getting married is not where the story ends. That’s where it begins and the building starts. 

There, I have to build a different barakah life, character, sabr, perseverance and sacrifice. And also the building of love for the sake of Allah. Getting married should be the building of my path back to Him and getting easier to close to Him. Getting married for me, is to build the legacy (children) who continue dakwah, who loves Allah and tells the others how kind and great Allah is. InshaAllah Amin.

Married is not just about the love between two person. If the person we’re married become our ultimate focus in life, our struggle has just begun. Our spouse becomes the greatest test. We will keep hurting until we remove him or her from the place in our heart, which only Allah should be there. 

People is a part of dunya. 

Love too much to people meant being attached to dunya. The attachment will take over Allah’s place in our heart as we spend a lot, thinking that they will never leave and die. Then the fear of loss comes and consumed us.

Allah itu Maha Pencemburu, indeed.

I want a type of love, which is the rarest. It is unselfish love. The love which is not competing with the love to Allah. The beauty we see in the people is a reflection of the Creator, so we love them. We want to be with them, because we love our Creator. I’m very sure this love will bring most joy and bless. To love for what they are, not for what they can give to me. It isn’t about what we are getting, but rather what we can give. 

Once we see everything beautiful as only a reflection of God’s beauty, we will learn to love in the right way; for His sake. Everything we do is for and because of Him. To please Him. It means the only love we chase, is the love of Allah. It’s heard hard right? But that’s the reality we have to fight for. 

We, are made to seek, love and strive for what is perfect and permanent. It’s just because we were not created for this life. Our true home was paradise, a land that is both perfect and eternal. It is in dunya we live now. A place of temporary attachments where people and something else are with us today and leave or die tomorrow. 

Don’t put expectations or hope too much.

Sederhana itu indah bukan?



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